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Colorado: Innovative Cannabis Dispensary Good Chemisry Celebrates 5th Anniversary


More than 200 guests toasted Good Chemistry’s Fifth Anniversary at Spill Lounge on Saturday night. The celebration crowned a year of exciting developments for the Colorado dispensary and producer, capped by the grand opening of a new Aurora location that showcases the industry’s leading retail design, and consumer-friendly and helpful shopping experience.

Good Chemistry’s original location on Colfax in Denver’s Capitol Hill will also incorporate the new category system once renovations are complete this month, according to Wednesday press release.

“I got involved in the cannabis industry in its nascent stages because I wanted to aid people who suffer from a variety of illnesses by giving them the opportunity to add cannabis to their treatment plans,” said Good Chemistry founder and CEO Matthew Huron. “My background in cultivating medical marijuana has distinguished Good Chemistry with innovative programs such as the Good Chemistry Compassion Program.

"It is very rewarding to recognize our fifth anniversary, and we know there is still enormous work to be done in this field,” Huron said.

Good Chemistry will continue fifth anniversary celebrations when it sponsors AIDS Walk Denver on Saturday, August 15. The company also returns for the fourth year in a row as a Universal Sponsor for One Colorado Education Fund’s Ally Awards, which will be held the following Saturday, August 22. One Colorado is an organization dedicated to securing and protecting equality and opportunity for LGBT Coloradans and their families.

California: Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom Says Golden State Will Legalize Marijuana In 2016


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

California voters will legalize, tax and regulate marijuana for adults in the 2016 general election, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom predicted on Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday. "I'm leading the effort," Newsom added.

"As some folks may know, we're very likely to have a ballot initiative in 2016 and we have strong confidence that we'll win," Newsom said, reports David Downs at SF Gate.

"We gotta do it right and be thoughtful and deal with the legitimate concerns folks have about our children, and not allowing Big Tobacco come in and do Big Marijuana," Newsom said. "So we want to do it in a very thoughtful way and we want to have that opportunity next year."

Lt. Gov. Newsom has been working with a Blue Ribbon Commission on legalization; its findings were released this summer. An initiative is expected soon.

A winning marijuana legalization initiative campaign could cost half a million dollars or more, and that's just for paid signature gatherers, never mind the ads. Those will run a cool $10 million or so -- and that's assuming no major opposition.

U.S.: Northsight Capital Engages Cannabis Investment Bank Viridian Advisors


Northsight Capital, Inc., a marijuana-related media company, on Wednesday announced that it has engaged Viridian Capital Advisors for financial and corporate advisory services, including investor relations, public relations and capital raises.

Viridian Capital Advisors, LLC is the first Wall Street investment bank and advisory platform dedicated to the cannabis market. Viridian specializes in boutique banking and strategic advisory that provides research, investment banking, investor relations and corporate development services to emerging growth companies in the cannabis sector.

Northsight Capital, Inc. is a media company comprised of a portfolio of online marijuana-related websites that are developed and operated by the company. These sites incorporate many aspects of the cannabis industry. The company announced it "intends to provide its audience with a means to stay informed on the industry’s most cutting edge marijuana-related innovations and legislation."

The company’s most dynamic concept, WeedDepot.com, provides consumers with a geo-targeted map directory of medical and recreational dispensaries, head shops, doctors, attorneys and more within the marijuana industry. The Weed Depot app can be downloaded for free at the iTunes Store and Google Play.

"Weed Depot has an entire platform of content suited for every aspect of advertising and marketing to consumers from all businesses in the cannabis industry," according to the company.

Arizona: Scientific Botanical Leasing Closes First Round $800K Funding


Cpompany Rolls Out IRA and Qualified Plan Investment Offering

Scientific Botanical Leasing, specializing in engineering and development of cannabis cultivation and related manufacturing facilities, on Wednesday announced that it has finalized its first round funding totaling $800,000, and has opened its Series 2015B offering to new investors ($25,000 minimum, $1.5 million maximum offering, accredited investors only, 506C).

The Series 2015B offers commercial real estate secured Notes, which can be purchased by IRA, Qualified Plan and other investors that meet the offering requirements.

The CEO of Scientific Botanical Leasing, Brent Nerguizian, touched on the need for organized, legally compliant, secure investment alternatives with real equity and capable sponsorship. “After 30 years of managing real estate investments and hedge funds, it is exciting to finally be able to offer a highly structured, legally compliant, secure investment in commercial real estate related to the cannabis industry,” Nerguizian said.

The company has executed lease agreements for its facilities with an Arizona state licensed dispensary for a term of 10 years. The funds will be used to complete the $1.7 million total of tenant improvements, payoff bridge financing and complete tenant signing incentives.

Oregon: Lawmakers Urge Oregon Department of Agriculture to Speed Up Industrial Hemp Program


By Michael Bachara, Hemp News

On Monday, Oregon Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley along with Representatives Peter DeFazio, Kurt Schrader, Earl Blumenauer and Suzanne Bonamici asked the Oregon Department of Agriculture and Oregon State University to expedite the pilot project allowing farmers to begin planting industrial hemp in time for next year's growing season.

The program missed this year's growing season because of concerns in the state legislature over how hemp would coexist with the cannabis industry, which became legal for adult social use on July 1.

“The potential for industrial hemp production represents a great opportunity for Oregon agriculture,” the lawmakers wrote in the letter. “Many Oregon farmers have expressed interest in participating in this pilot program and some have already obtained permits to grow hemp from the Oregon Department of Agriculture.”

"Without ODA’s active participation in the pilot program and the cooperation of OSU, Oregon farmers could lose out on the chance to make Oregon a leader in the hemp industry,” according to the lawmakers.

To date, Oregon has issued 13 licenses to farmers since adopting rules to implement the hemp program in January, but not all of the farmers have planted yet, according to Department of Agriculture spokesman Bruce Pokarney.

"I don't think there's any indication that we're not moving forward," Pokarney concluded.

Currently officials are visiting approved farms to make sure they are in compliance with hemp growing regulations within the state.

Colorado: Transdermal Gel Pens Offer New Delivery Method For Charlotte's Web Hemp Oil


Transdermal Gel Pens Offer Accurate, Discreet Delivery

CW Botanicals and Mary’s Nutritionals on Tuesday announced a partnership that expands the ways in which clients can take the Stanley Brothers’ Charlotte’s Web™ hemp oil.

The first new product as a result of the partnership, a transdermal gel pen, is available now on http://www.cwbotanicals.com and http://www.marysnutritionals.com for purchase and shipping nationwide.

“We’re seeing a general social acceptance for the use of hemp products rich in cannibidiol (CBD), in large part because of the story of Charlotte’s Web, which has created a demand for more innovative delivery methods,” said Joel Stanley, CEO of CW Botanicals. “The transdermal gel pen manufactured by Mary’s is a highly accurate, safe and innovative way for clients to benefit from Charlotte’s Web.”

Mary’s Nutritionals, the sister company of Mary’s Medicinals, manufactures a nutritional supplement line enriched with CBD and other plant-based nutrients. Its research and development team pioneered what it calls "the industry’s first transdermal cannabis patch" for accurate and discreet cannabinoid dosing.

“Mary’s mission is to ease pain—and CW Botanicals embodies that sentiment with Charlotte’s Web,” said Nicole Smith, CEO of Mary’s Nutritionals and Mary’s Medicinals. “As we hear more and more stories of lives being transformed by CBD, there is a growing need to get this compound to as many people in need as possible.

U.S.: Phytopurh Launches Website Previewing Phytocannabinoid Products


Preview To Debut of Phytocannabinoid Products in Early Fall

Phytopurh, a pioneering company developing and marketing phytocannabinoid (plant-based cannabinoid) products, on Tuesday announced their website is now live as a preview to the launch of its flagship products: Phyto-100 and Phyto-500 in early fall.

Recognizing the growing demand for products in this category, Phytopurh developed a proprietary Purh-Blend™ formula "containing dietary phytocannabinoids from foods and plants," including the what the company says is the "finest quality eco-friendly full spectrum hemp."

"Our primary focus is to develop best in class pyhtocannabinoid products specifically targeting the food and beverage segment in this category," said Marge Adelman, senior vice president of marketing. “We’re pleased that our website is now live in anticipation of the debut of our products.”

Phytopurh’s chief science officer, Brazos Minshew, who has a long, successful history of creating nationally recognized brands said, “It is our mission and hope that our customers enjoy our special phytocannabinoid foods created to help balance the endocannabinoid system and promote health, harmony and happiness in the lives our customers.”

New and exciting research is emerging that demonstrates endocannabinoids harmonize your immune system with your brain and stabilizes nerve impulses that can have a profound effect on health. Studies show that cannabinoids are beneficial for immune function, circulation, digestion, and hormone balance.

Missouri: Man Serving Life In Prison For Marijuana Granted Parole


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

In a case of justice long delayed, a Missouri man serving life without parole for marijuana will be released from a maximum security prison, according to the man's son.

Jeff Mizanskey was told Monday morning that he has been granted parole, according to his son, Chris Mizanskey, report Michelle Pekarsky and Shannon O'Brien at Fox4KC.com. Chris said his dad should be released within 10 to 25 days.

According to Chris, his sad called him briefly Monday morning to share the good news. They planned to talk again Monday night.

Jeff Mizanskey has already been behind bars for more than two decades for marijuana offenses. He is now 62 years old.

"My father ... has been in prison since he was 41," reads part of a Change.org petition for Mizanskey's release. "His parents -- my grandparents -- have since passed. While my dad has been trapped behind bars, generations of kids and grandkids have been born into our family who have never even met the man.

"The State of Missouri spends roughly $22,000/year to keep him locked up," the petition reads. "Meanwhile all my dad wants to do is be a productive part of society, work and pay taxes, be with his family. And I want my dad back."

Missiouri Gov. Jay Nixon in May commuted Mizankey's sentence, allowing him to be considered for parole. The hearing was held last week.

Colorado: Ganjapreneur Interviews Chloe Villano, Founder of Clover Leaf University


Ganjapreneur has published an interview featuring Chloe Villano, a serial entrepreneur from Colorado who has become one of the most esteemed cannabis business consultants in the country.

The interview focuses on Chloe's position as the founder of Clover Leaf University in Colorado, the first state-licensed private cannabis trade school in the country, and on her work with Clover Leaf Consulting.

Chloe discusses what first brought her into the cannabis space and demonstrates the wide variety of classes and services offered at Clover Leaf University.

“I believe it’s not just the education itself but how you teach it that is important,” Villano said. According to Chloe, the University has plans to launch a host of new online courses as well as an international platform.

The interview also covers how the complicated transition from medical to recreational cannabis in Colorado has affected the industry.

"I think the Colorado legislature has done a remarkable job making the transition as smooth as possible for these businesses," Villano said.

The full interview is available on the Ganjapreneur website.

California: George Zimmer To Keynote At Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo


Iconic Entrepreneur & Business Leader to Headline West Coast Event for the Legalized & Medical Marijuana Industry

The Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo in Los Angeles (CWCBExpo in LA) on Monday announced that the iconic founder of Men’s Wearhouse and zTailors, George Zimmer, will be its headline keynote speaker. Taking place September 16-18 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, CWCBExpo is a trade show and conference for the legalized and medical marijuana industries.

As a renowned business leader, and one of the early pioneers of Conscious Capitalism’s stakeholder model, Zimmer started what would become the largest men’s tailored clothing company in America. In his role as founder, chairman, CEO and TV spokesperson, he guided Men’s Wearhouse with a workingman’s ethos that valued his employees and his customers equally with his shareholders, creating an enjoyable service-oriented experience.

“I value all stakeholders, not just the shareholders,” Zimmer said.

Zimmer is once again revolutionizing the apparel industry with his new venture that was recently announced, zTailors. Coined the “Uber of Tailoring,” this new concept delivers the time-honored craft of tailoring directly to the consumer for a remarkable, and highly personalized customer experience.

Arizona: Apache Nation Moving Forward With Indoor Medical Marijuana Grow Facility


Anything Technologies Media, Inc. on Wednesday announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions, has been named the equipment and services supplier for a large indoor medical marijuana facility project for the Yavapai-Apache Nation in Arizona.

The project, originated by My Compassion through its educational and scientific research focus, will be funded and designed by My Compassion's Government Contractor Teaming Partner.

FIGS will supply all the equipment and infrastructure required to operate the facility, including all environmental controls, lighting, cultivation equipment, nutrients, consulting services, and processing equipment.

FIGS will utilize the members of its group, the Cannabis Facility Development Consortium (CFDC), to provide products and services for the project. The project is expected to gross more than $3 million for the company with continued consumable sales to the facility of more than $800,000.00 annually.

Construction is expected to begin in October 2015.

About Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions, Inc.

Canada: Prairie Plant Systems, CanniMed Allowed To Begin Cannabis Oils Production


Prairie Plant Systems Inc. and CanniMed Ltd. have successfully received Section 56 exemptions under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) governed by Health Canada and as a result have begun manufacturing cannabis oil for patients.

Similar to the seven dry cannabis products currently being offered, CanniMed® oils will be available in three distinct THC-to-CBD ratios, according to the company:

• CanniMed® oil 18:0 - containing 18.3 mg/ml THC and 0.2 mg/ml CBD
• CanniMed® oil 10:10 - containing 9.7 mg/ml THC and 10.3 mg/ml CBD
• CanniMed® oil 1:20 - containing 1.2 mg/ml THC and 20.5 mg/ml CBD

"We are very proud to be among the first licensed producers to receive the go ahead from Health Canada to manufacture CanniMed oils for our patients," said Brent Zettl, president and CEO of Prairie Plant Systems Inc. and CanniMed Ltd. "Patient requests for oils have been significant with as many as 67 per cent responding to an informal survey suggesting they would prefer this delivery method over smoking or vaporizing."

CanniMed® oil will be packaged in 60-milliliter bottles and include an oral syringe for consistent dosing and as a spill prevention.

About CanniMed and Prairie Plant Systems

CanniMed Ltd. was the first producer to be licensed under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). Their pharmaceutical-grade cannabis is produced under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations, the criteria used to manufacture all pharmaceuticals in Canada.

California: The Green Exchange Launches Online Marijuana Store


The Green Exchange, Inc. has launched the world's first online marijuana store. This innovative portal allows California dispensaries or collectives to view available cannabis inventory, connect with growers, make purchases direct from the farm, or place a bid via a unique online auction platform.

The Green Exchange is free to use, and there are no contracts, fees or obligations. Dispensary owners or managers are invited to visit the website and try it out.

The new system also provides an automatic social media notification, so when a dispensary obtains cannabis, a message can automatically be sent to the dispensary's Twitter and Facebook followers, notifying them that a new selection of cannabis is available.

In this regard, the website also functions as a sales and marketing tool that gets the word out to dispensary patients and potential patients – all free of charge.

The Green Exchange was developed by a group of cannabis industry veterans, who have been growing in Mendocino County for more than 10 years.

"We think it's important for everyone to know that we are not Wall Street outsiders or Silicon Valley Executives, looking to make a fast buck in the marijuana industry," said Joshua Artman, cofounder and CEO of The Green Exchange, Inc. "We get our hands dirty every day.

"We know how to grow a quality product," Artman said. "And now, through an innovative, web-based system, we are able to offer this product directly to dispensaries, with no middleman or markup."

U.S.: Couric Explores Marijuana Legalization And The Changing Legal Landscape


Global News Anchor Katie Couric on Friday explored the legalization of marijuana in the United States and how the legal landscape is changing on Yahoo News

Recreational use of the drug is already legal in Colorado, Oregon, Washington state, Alaska and Washington, D.C. Twenty-three states allow medical marijuana. Ahead of the 2016 election, at least five more states are expected to push for full legalization.

Many supporters of legalization believe harsh drug laws haven’t limited access to marijuana, but instead have cost billions of dollars on arrests and imprisonment of nonviolent drug offenders. Opponents worry that legalizing marijuana would make it even more accessible, which could lead to wider usage and potentially to more people using it.

Watch the video on Yahoo News:

Photo of Katie Couric: Weedist

U.S.: Department of Justice Admits Lying To Congress About Medical Marijuana


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

The U.S. Justice Department warned Congress last year that a medical marijuana provision included in an appropriations bill could "limit or possibly eliminate the Department's ability to enforce federal law in recreational marijuana cases as well." But it turns out that was wrong, according to a just-revealed DOJ memo.

The "informal talking points" obtained by Marijuana Majority's Tom Angell were "intended to discourage passage" of the provision, which passed and was signed into law, reports Christopher Ingraham at The Washington Post.

The memo was written by the chief of the Justice Department's appellate section and dated February 27, 2015. In it, the DOJ says the provision does not place "any limitations on our ability to investigate and prosecute crimes involving recreational marijuana."

The memo's talking points were repeated by a number of House members who opposed the medical marijuana provision.

Andy Harris (R-Maryland), one of the worst enemies of medicinal cannabis in the entire House, claimed "the amendment as written would tie the DEA's hands beyond medical marijuana." Rep. John Fleming (R-Louisiana) claimed that the provision would "take away the ability of the Department of Justice to protect our young people ... it would just make it difficult, if not impossible, for the DEA and the Department of Justice to enforce the law."

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