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Is It Dangerous To Decriminalize Marijuana? A Physician’s View

Toke Signals - Wed, 03/05/2014 - 00:20
By Dr. Robert Townsend I am Dr. Robert Townsend, President of Denali Healthcare, a Mt. Pleasant Pain Management office.  I read with some interest the ‘Guest Voice’ article on the ‘Dangers of decriminalization’ by Michael Covarrubias.  Despite my concern about retribution I felt the need to respond to the outrageous [...]

District Of Columbia: City Council Finalizes Vote Decriminalizing Pot Possession Offenses

NORML Blog - Tue, 03/04/2014 - 21:45

Members of the Washington DC City Council gave final approval today to legislation reducing the District’s marijuana possession penalties to a fine-only violation.

District lawmakers voted 10 to 1 in favor of “The Simple Possession of Small Quantities of Marijuana Decriminalization Amendment Act of 2013,” which amends District law involving the possession or transfer of up to one ounce of marijuana from a criminal misdemeanor (punishable by up to 6 months incarceration and a maximum fine of $1,000) to a civil violation (punishable by a $25 fine, no arrest, no jail time, and no criminal record). Democrat Mayor Vincent C. Gray said that he intends to sign the measure into law.

Offenses involving the public consumption of cannabis remain classified as a criminal misdemeanor under DC law, punishable by up to six-months in jail and a $500 fine. The possession of cannabis-related paraphernalia will be re-classified as a violation, not a criminal offense.

Once signed into law, the measure faces a 60-day review period by members of Congress.

The District measure is similar to existing ‘decriminalization’ laws in California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont where private, non-medical possession of marijuana is treated as a civil, non-criminal offense.

Five additional states – Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, and Ohio – treat marijuana possession offenses as a fine-only misdemeanor offense.

Three states – Alaska, Colorado, and Washington – impose no criminal or civil penalty for the private possession of small amounts of marijuana.

A 2012 analysis published by the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland reported that the District possesses the highest percentage of marijuana possession arrests per capita in the nation.

US KY EDU: A Fight For Marijuana Legalization, Growing For 20

MAP - Hemp - Mon, 03/03/2014 - 08:00
Kentucky Kernel, 03 Mar 2014 - Jacob Shepherd's Only Memories of His Father Are From His Death During a Standoff Over Marijuana Plants in Their Garden. BRODHEAD, Ky. - It was a Sunday morning in early August, the sun shining, glazing the fields of tobacco grown tall and nearly ready for harvest. The temperature was in the low 70s, and the sky was clear, until 4-year-old Jacob Shepherd felt his family's trailer begin to shake.

US PA: OPED: The Mythology Of Marijuana

MAP - Hemp - Sun, 03/02/2014 - 08:00
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 02 Mar 2014 - Let's Get Past the Propaganda and Allow Doctors to Prescribe Marijuana, Argues Forensic Pathologist Cyril Wecht Over the course of my 52-year professional career as a forensic pathologist and medicolegal consultant, I have been involved in numerous civil and criminal lawsuits dealing with various kinds of drugs - prescription, over-the-counter and illicit. Some of these cases have been quite significant, including a few that have been the subject of congressional hearings.

Cannabis Common Sense 725

Youtube - Cannabis Common Sense - Sat, 03/01/2014 - 11:27
Cannabis Common Sense 725
The show that tells truth about marijuana & the politics behind its prohibition. Live call in show http://www.ustream.tv/channel/cannabis-common-sense , Friday's, 8-9PM Pacific Time, 503-288-4442 From: willappel Views: 221 3 ratings Time: 57:37 More in Education

Toke TV 30: AK Legalization Vote In August! KY, GA Medical Marijuana Bills! MD Legalization Bill!

Toke Signals - Fri, 02/28/2014 - 21:20
Find out what you need to know about the week in cannabis/marijuana news, in just 23 minutes! Don’t forget to subscribe to the Toke TV channel on YouTube.     Toke TV Bud Pick of the Week   Toke TV Stories of the Week Alaska Marijuana Legalization Officially Makes August Ballot (Hemp News)

Reefer Madness Continues: Can Marijuana Kill You?

NORML Blog - Fri, 02/28/2014 - 20:00

(Dr. Mitch Earleywine was elected as the Chairman of the NORML Board of Directors in February 2014)

A recent headline reads: “Can Marijuana Kill You? German Scientists Say Yes.” The article focuses on a study of two (count ‘em, two!) young men who died while they had detectable levels of THC in their blood. I take a lot of pleasure in this kind of melodrama. If prohibitionists are stooping this low, we must really be frightening them. (It’s not completely pharmacologically ridiculous. Marijuana does increase heart rate. In fact, it can jack up heart rate almost as much as an espresso or energy drink. Maybe if you already had a weak heart and a coffee and a bong hit, well, something might happen.)

But I want to point out that we should actually expect literally thousands of reports like this. We should hear about lots of people who have heart attacks on the same day that they commune with the plant. It’s not because cannabis causes heart attacks. It’s simple chance.

I hate for my first blog as Chair of The Executive Board to be this nerdy, but I’ve been teaching statistics for more than 20 years. If that doesn’t make me a nerd, I’m not sure what would. But given how many people use cannabis daily and how many heart attacks occur in the United States, it’s actually a miracle that we haven’t heard about this kind of thing before. We also should expect to hear it a lot more often.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, roughly 7,600,000 Americans (over age 12) used marijuana daily or near daily in 2012. In addition, the Center for Disease Control suggests that about 715,000 of us have heart attacks in a year. (Let’s assume those under age 12 are probably not grabbing their chests with a myocardial infarction too often.) In addition, let’s guess that the United States has about 280 million people over age 12. It’s hard to know the exact number, but that’s probably in the ballpark.

With this in mind, we can predict how many people should have a heart attack the same day that they used cannabis simply by chance. That is, even if these two things had nothing to do with each other, we should expect some folks to have a heart attack the same day that they used cannabis just by accident.

Okay. It’s going to get nerdy here, but this is comparable to asking simpler questions. If I had a dime and a nickel, I might want to know what the chances are that I’d flip heads on both. I flip heads 1 out of 2 times on average for the dime, for a probability of .5. Then I flip heads on the nickel 1 out of 2 times on average, also for a probability of .5. So the chances of flipping heads on both is .5 * .5 for .25. So we’d expect to get heads on both coins about 1Ž4 of the time. If I flipped both coins 100 times, I’d get around 25 pairs of heads. Note that there’s nothing causal here. The nickel doesn’t know what the dime did. It doesn’t want to be like the dime. It’s not that the dime caused the nickel to flip heads.

So it’s the same deal for the cannabis-related heart attacks. If 7.6 million people use cannabis daily out of 280 million relevant Americans, that’s a probability of .0271. And if 715 thousand of 280 million have heart attacks, that’s a probability of .0026. Multiply these the same way we did with the probabilities for flipping heads (.0271 * .0026 = .00007). Now .00007 is a dinky number. If there were only 100 people in the country, we wouldn’t expect any of them (well, .007) to have a heart attack and smoke cannabis on the same day. But we’re talking about 280 million people here. So we’d expect .00007 * 280,000,000, = 19,600. That’s over 19,000 heart attacks.

So the question isn’t, “How did these two guys die of a heart attack with THC in their blood?” It should be, “Where are the other 19,598 guys who should have had heart attacks with THC in their blood?” In fact, the absence of this many cannabis-related myocardial infarctions inspired my wife to ask, “Does cannabis protect the heart?”

If we repeal prohibition, we’ll get to find out.

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Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced In South Africa By Emotional Cancer Patient

Toke Signals - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 22:55
By Chris Jay wired@weed.co.za Last week, a member of the South African Parliament made a heartfelt plea to President Jacob Zuma and the MP’s to consider his proposal for the introduction of the Medical Innovation Bill. These few minutes of his speech and courageous words have made national news headlines in the last [...]

National Black Caucus Of State Legislators Calls For Liberalizing Marijuana Penalties

NORML Blog - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 22:19

Members of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators recently resolved at their Annual Legislative Conference in favor of decriminalizing marijuana.

“Whereas state and local governments could potentially stand to save billions of dollars that they currently spend regulating marijuana use by decriminalizing the recreational use of marijuana, therefore be it resolved that the National Black Caucus of State Legislators recognizes the decision of the Administration to not challenge the choice made by citizens of these states, and urges the continued respect of state law, and encourages other states to consider decriminalization,” the Caucus resolved.

It added, “[The] NBCSL supports the states’ authority to make a determination as to what age, at or above 18, qualifies as a “legal adult” who may purchase, possess, or consume marijuana [and] … urges the federal government to reduce the penalties associated with the use and simple possession of marijuana.”

The 2014 resolution is LJE-14-40: Supporting States’ Rights to Decriminalize Marijuana Use.

A 2013 report by the American Civil Liberties Union reported that blacks nationwide were approximately four times as likely as whites to be arrested for marijuana possession in 2010, even though both ethnic groups consumed the substance at similar rates.

The National Black Caucus of State Legislators represents more than 650 African-American legislators from 45 states, the District of Columbia, and the Virgin Islands.

US MI: Column: Parents, Children at Forefront of Medical Marijuana Debate

MAP - Hemp - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 08:00
Metro Times, 26 Feb 2014 - Parents and their children seem to be at the forefront of medical marijuana contention in Michigan and across the nation these days. One of the hottest points is Michigan's proposed SB 736, which was introduced by state Sen. Rick Jones on Jan. 15. The Senate bill addresses issues around the children of medical marijuana patients and seems to be an outgrowth of the Bree Green debacle last year. Baby Bree, as she is known publicly, was taken from her parents by Child Protective Services in early September. Bree's parents, Steve and Maria Green, are medical marijuana patients. Steve suffers from epilepsy and Maria from multiple sclerosis. Maria grows marijuana at their home. The issue with then-6-month-old Bree stemmed from a custody battle between Maria and her ex-husband over an older child.

Canada: A Growing Interest

MAP - Hemp - Tue, 02/25/2014 - 08:00
Globe and Mail, 25 Feb 2014 - As more jurisdictions legalize its cultivation and use, stocks with eye-popping gains are appearing. But in cannabis investing, the trick is weeding out the low-quality stocks Investing in marijuana stocks may be a growth play for the long term, if you can stand the risk of getting burned in the short term.

New Survey Shows Majority of Ohioans Support Marijuana Legalization

Toke Signals - Tue, 02/25/2014 - 01:20
Quinnipiac University Polling survey reveals Ohio support for making possession of small amounts of marijuana legal for adults Overwhelming 8-1 majority support allowing adults in Ohio to legally use marijuana for medical purposes  A survey conducted by Quinnipiac University Polling Institute on February 12-17 shows 51 percent of registered Ohio voters support allowing [...]

Happy Birthday, Mitch! A Collection of Mitch Hedberg Quotes

Toke Signals - Mon, 02/24/2014 - 09:20
Stoner comedian Mitch Hedberg would have been 46 today. Hedberg (February 24, 1968 – March 29, 2005) was an American stand-up comedian known for his surreal humor and unconventional comedic delivery. His routines featured elocutive but often short, sometimes one-line, observational comedy, mixed with absurd and paraprosdokian elements as well as non sequiturs. Hedberg’s unique [...]

US GA: Time Running Short On Medical Marijuana Bill

MAP - Hemp - Mon, 02/24/2014 - 08:00
Macon Telegraph, 24 Feb 2014 - ATLANTA -- The hourglass is emptying fast for a medical marijuana bill that is not scheduled for a vote before a key deadline. Meanwhile, though, another idea for medicine made with compounds found in marijuana might move faster than Georgia law.

7 Ways You Can Avoid Becoming A Marijuana Arrest Statistic

Toke Signals - Sun, 02/23/2014 - 19:43
If you choose to use cannabis (and why wouldn’t you?), there are a few ways to minimize the chances of your becoming one of the 700,000-plus people who will be arrested for it this year. The best way of avoiding getting busted for pot, of course, is to change the damn marijuana laws [...]

Cannabis Common Sense 724

Youtube - Cannabis Common Sense - Sat, 02/22/2014 - 21:38
Cannabis Common Sense 724
The show that tells truth about marijuana & the politics behind its prohibition. Live call in show http://www.ustream.tv/channel/cannabis-common-sense , Friday's, 8-9PM Pacific Time, 503-288-4442 From: willappel Views: 201 9 ratings Time: 57:26 More in Education

Toke TV 29: Epilepsy Foundation Supports Medical Marijuana! Legal Oregon In 2014? CA May Have To Wait!

Toke Signals - Fri, 02/21/2014 - 21:34
Find out what you need to know about the week in cannabis/marijuana news, in 29 minutes! Don’t forget to subscribe to the Toke TV channel on YouTube. Toke TV Bud Pick of the Week   Toke TV Stories of the Week Epilepsy Foundation Calls For Increased Medical Marijuana Access and Research (Toke Signals) [...]

Marijuana: Good for Mental Diseases

Salem-News.com Medical Marijuana - Fri, 02/21/2014 - 19:26
There appears to be a great controversy about whether Marijuana/Cannabis is beneficial for mental disease or if it is really harmful. One thing I noticed is that if a research physician or group wants to get a huge grant from a federal anti-marijuana agency, is for them to have the word marijuana near the words “drug abuse” or “dangers”. For this, there are hundreds of studies and/or articles.

Rapper Menace Demarco Buries Prohibition In His New Video

Toke Signals - Fri, 02/21/2014 - 00:20
Rising young rapper Menace Demarco, an Olympia, Washington native who now makes Southern California his home, buries a body in his new video for the song “The Bird Is The Word,” and the plants a little marijuana seedling on the grave. Wait, what? Demarco has never shied away from controversy, and he’s never hidden his appreciation [...]

NORML PAC Endorses Shenna Bellows for US Senate

NORML Blog - Wed, 02/19/2014 - 16:45

NORML PAC is pleased to announce that it has endorsed Shenna Bellows in her campaign to represent the state of Maine in the United States Senate.

“Shenna Bellows has been at the forefront of the fight for marijuana legalization even before beginning this campaign,” stated NORML PAC Manager Erik Altieri, “During her tenure leading the Maine ACLU, Shenna has demonstrated she has the skill and determination to fight for sensible reforms and has proven to be a vocal and articulate leader in calling for the end of marijuana prohibition. We believe she will be invaluable in the United States Senate to help move the country away from our failed war on marijuana and towards a new, smarter approach.”

“We need to end the war on drugs and reform our criminal justice system, and we cannot afford to wait. The United States incarcerates more people in total and more people per capita than any other country in the world, and the racial disparities are alarming,” Shenna Bellows wrote in a recent op-ed, “Even in my home state of Maine, which is the whitest state in the union, blacks are 2.1 times more likely than whites to be arrested for marijuana possession. Government spends billions of dollars each year enforcing counterproductive drug laws, which are truly the New Jim Crow. The economic and human rights costs are enormous.”

While we have long had support for marijuana law reform in the House of Representative, support in the Senate has long been harder to come by. In a recent interview with ThinkProgress, Ms. Bellows has made clear she looks to kickstart the movement for rational marijuana policy in the upper chamber of Congress.

“Right now on the Senate side, there doesn’t seem to be a leader who has the courage to move that forward,” Bellows said. “I would be that leader.”

You can learn more about Shenna Bellows campaign on her website or by visiting her Facebook page.

You can donate to the NORML PAC to help elect pro-reform candidates nationwide here.

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