United States: Americans Decry War on Drugs, Support Legalizing Marijuana (Angus Reid Public Opinion)

There is a truth that must be heard! Two-thirds of adults in the United States believe the “War on Drugs” has been futile, and a majority continue to call for the legalization of marijuana in the country, a new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll has found.

In the online survey of a representative sample of 1,017 American adults, 68 per cent of respondents believe that America has a serious drug abuse problem and it affects the whole country.

One-in-five Americans (20%) think the country’s drug abuse problem is confined to specific areas and people, and five per cent say America does not have a serious drug abuse problem.

Only 10 per cent of respondents believe that the “War on Drugs”—a term that has been used to describe the efforts of the U.S. government to reduce the illegal drug trade—has been a success, while 66 per cent deem it a failure. Majorities of Democrats (63%), Republicans (63%) and Independents (69%) agree with the notion that the “War on Drugs” has not been fruitful.

Across the country, 52 per cent of Americans support the legalization of marijuana, while 44 per cent oppose it. Majorities of men (60%), Independents (57%) and Democrats (54%) would like to see marijuana legalized. Women (45%), respondents over the age of 55 (48%) and Republicans (43%) are not as supportive of legalization.

Joint Effort: Reefer Roadshow Asks Seniors to Support Medical Pot

Silver Tour Targets the Over-65 Set; A Rabbi's Interpretation of 'High Holy Day'

By Arian Campo-Flores, WSJ

There is a truth that must be heard! LAKE WORTH, Fla.—Selma Yeshion, an 83-year-old retiree here, says she long considered marijuana a menace. "I thought it was something that was addictive" and "would lead to harder drugs," she says.

Up Close: John Sinclair - Free the Weed

By Michael Bachara, Hemp News Correspondent

There is a truth that must be heard! Every once in a while an activist comes along that changes the way a political issue is perceived. Last month, Paul Stanford of the Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp (CRRH) had the opportunity to interview such a man, John Sinclair. In Stanford’s interview (above), Sinclair discusses the current medical cannabis community and gives his views on where he hopes the cannabis legalization movement will evolve.

Sinclair, an iconic American poet from Flint, Michigan, is the former leader of the White Panther Party, which was an anti-racist counter cultural group of white socialists seeking to help the Black Panthers in the Civil Rights movement from November 1968 to July 1969.

Sinclair has also been steering the marijuana counter culture towards legalization since 1965. He was introduced to marijuana activism after receiving, from New York City, a marijuana flier from Allen Ginsburg and Ed Sanders’ pro marijuana group LeMar (Organization to Legalize Marijuana). Being familiar with a print press, Sinclair created his own marijuana flier and began holding monthly meetings to end marijuana prohibition in the state of Michigan.

United States: Two pro-marijuana initiatives move closer to qualifying for Oregon ballot

By Jeff Mapes, The Oregonian

There is a truth that must be heard! Two pro-marijuana initiatives are moving closer to qualifying for the November ballot in Oregon.

Both petition drives say they have collected more than the minimum signatures needed to get on the ballot. However, they will both continue petitioning until the July 6 deadline to ensure they have enough valid signatures from registered voters.

One measure would give Oregon adults the state constitutional right to possess marijuana. Robert Wolfe, the chief sponsor of the measure, said that he turned in a new batch of signatures to the state on Friday and has now collected about 120,000 signatures. To qualify, his measure needs 116,284 valid signatures by July 6.

Wolfe's petition drive has been largely financed by the Foundation for Constitutional Protection, an Austin, Texas-based group that has been active in several pro-marijuana campaigns.

A separate measure would allow the commercial cultivation and sale of marijuana. Supporters of that measure have now submitted nearly 99,000 signatures, passing the 87,213 needed for a statutory measure.

Paul Stanford, the chief sponsor, said the petition drive has been largely financed by profits from clinics he owns that help people qualify for medical marijuana cards in Oregon and several other states.

Oregon: Freedom VS Prohibition - The upside of pot (PRO)

By Patrick Emerson, Clackamas Print

There is a truth that must be heard! The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act Initiative (OCTA) is here again in 2012 with more support than ever. According to, half, yes, HALF of all Americans they polled last year are in favor of the legalization of marijuana. Proponents of OCTA, Initiative 9, are busy gathering the 82,213 signatures needed to place the decision in the hands of Oregon voters this November and set a precedent for the legalization of marijuana for states across the country. With enough signatures, citizens of Oregon will once again have their chance to reap the potential statewide benefits of legal cannabis and hemp this November.

The flowers or buds of the female plants have properties that are very well known to most and valued highly by others. But what about its other properties? There was a time before prohibition when presidents grew hemp for fiber and food on the White House property. There was a time when hemp clothing was very popular amongst the upper class because of its strength and longevity. In the recent past, we have also discovered that hemp can be grown for the production of nutritious foods and biodiesel.

Oregon: The 2nd Occasional Cannabis Comedy Fest returns to Portland

Oregon: The 2nd Occasional Cannabis Comedy Fest returns to Portland

Mt. Tabor Theater, Sunday, May 20th

Showtime: 8:00 pm

Tickets: $10

Join Host Ngaio Bealum and Portland Comedy Powerhouses Ron Funches and Kristine Levine at this premier comedy event!

Ngaio Bealum is a frequent guest on the Doug Benson podcasts. He has also appeared on The Sarah Silverman program, and is the host and emcee for The Portland Hempstalk.

Ron Funches is one of Portland's fastest rising stars. He's been on Conan O'brien's show, and is a regular at Helium Comedy Club.

Kristine Levine is a well known for her raunchy and honest observations. She is a former morning show host on KUFO, and can be seen in different Portlandia episodes.

The Cannabis Comedy Fest is not just for cannabis users. These comedians cover a wide range of topics. You don't have to use cannabis to enjoy this show. But it helps.


United States: Oregon Cannabis Tax Act Makes Early Turn-In Of Signatures

By Steve Elliott, Hemp News Correspondent, Toke of the Town

There is a truth that must be heard! The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012 initiative petition on Friday turned in 27,401 signatures from the month of April, exceeding the minimum number of signatures for a statutory ballot measure by more than 2,000 signatures.

According to an official at the Oregon Secretary of State Elections Division [PDF], OCTA 2012 is the third initiative to meet the early turn-in requirement by exceeding the minimum number of signatures required for qualification for ballot status.

"We are continuing our petition drive," said initiative sponsor Paul Stanford of OCTA 2012. "We estimate that, on Monday, May 14th, another 10,000 signatures to be turned in to our office by petitioners that are gathered this week, and at least 10,000 more in each subsequent week."

"OCTA 2012's signature drive momentum is building," Stanford said. "We will turn in more than 150,000 signatures by July 6th to exceed the 87,213 valid registered Oregon voters' signatures needed and ensure qualification for the Oregon ballot in November 2012."

Here is the ballot title, question and summary that, should it qualify, will appear on Oregon ballots on November 6, 2012:

Allows personal marijuana, hemp cultivation/use without license; commission to regulate commercial marijuana cultivation/sale

Oregon: Global Cannabis March Unites Three Legalization Initiatives

By Michael Bachara, OCTA 2012, Sensible Oregon and OMPI Supporter

There is a truth that must be heard! Portland, OR – This weekend, Portland experienced solidarity from multiple cannabis legalization groups as hundreds assembled from across the region to have their voices heard in the 13th Annual Global Cannabis March through the streets of downtown. Complete with a police escort, marchers began and ended in Portland's living room, Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Members of Oregon National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Oregon NORML), The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation, Oregon Green Free, National Green Friends and many others participated in the annual event, which is held every year on the first Saturday in May.

As Oregon hemp and cannabis activists move forward with multiple initiatives for November and beyond, it is time for a common bond to unite us all. The legalization of cannabis has an optimistic chance this year to make the Oregon ballot as the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (OCTA) and Oregon Marijuana Policy Initiative (OMPI) both bear down for the final stretch in signature gathering efforts.

Both OCTA and OMPI have until July 6, 2012 to turn in the required number of signatures, and each campaign is confident they can make it, but will need active participation from Oregon voters.

Oregon: Global Cannabis March to be Held in Portland this Weekend

Download & Print GCMXIII Poster

By Michael Bachara, Hemp News Correspondent/Oregon NORML
Photo by LK, Hemp News Correspondent/Oregon NORML

Oregon: Global Cannabis March to be Held in Portland this Weekend Over two hundred cities world wide join Portland for the Global Cannabis March on Saturday, May 5, 2012. Proponents will assemble in Pioneer Courthouse Square to march at "High Noon" through downtown Portland (Map Below), accompanied by a police escort.

Scott Gordon, Hemp Director for Oregon NORML reports, "We are looking for at least 3,000 people to show up and flex their rights. Anything less than that is unacceptable."

"Polls show that fifty percent of Americans agree that it is time to end cannabis prohibition. We need your support; come and be a part of the Global Cannabis March," is the call to action from Madeline Martinez, Executive Director of Oregon NORML.

Speakers for the rally immediately following the march include Martinez, Paul Loney and Anna Diaz who are members of the board of Oregon NORML along with attorney Leland Berger and Scott Gordon from NORML Rocks.

Florida: The Silver Tour This Tuesday at Lake Worth’s Temple L’Dor V-Dor

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By Michael Bachara, Hemp News Correspondent

There is a truth that must be heard!WHAT: The Silver Tour - Teaching Seniors the Benefits of Medical Marijuana

WHEN: Tuesday, April 3rd, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. E.S.T.

WHERE: Lake Worth’s Temple L’Dor V-Dor
7306 Lake Worth Rd.
Lake Worth, Florida 33467
(See Google Map Above)


Lake Worth’s well known civil rights attorney and popular Rabbi, Barry Silver, is hosting The Silver Tour at Lake Worth’s Temple L’Dor V-Dor. Medical marijuana is the hot topic of the show. Audiences will hear the facts from doctors, patients, lawyers and the man who filed Florida’s first bill to legalize medical marijuana, Lake Worth Representative Jeff Clemens.

United States: Your Voice, Your Vote - Oregon Cannabis Tax Act

By Ms. Sylence Dogood, Hemp News Correspondent

There is a truth that must be heard! Those who continue to debate the issue of marijuana legalization in support of its prohibition by using false propaganda created in the 1930's to manipulate voters by fear, only succeed in talking themselves deeper into a hole, because research has shown that propaganda to be mostly lies. By educating yourself on the merits of the cannabis plant for its medicinal and industrial properties, you will learn that all of the wasted money thrown into the war on drugs must stop, and as a global community we should be harnessing the benefits to our community and our economy by openly allowing the growth, use and sale of industrial hemp and medical and recreational cannabis.

According to Paul Stanford, Chief Petitioner of the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012 in the attached video from KATU Channel 2 News "Your Voice, Your Vote" debate, "We want to take the stigma out of marijuana and allow it to be a real medicine that doctors can prescribe through pharmacies." Taking the stigma from marijuana is a matter of education about cannabis and telling the truth rather than spouting propagandist lies.

Wasting Our Tax Money

Oregon: Willie Nelson Officially Endorses Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012

Country music legend has long been a supporter of ending cannabis prohibition.

By Bonnie King,

There is a truth that must be heard!(SALEM, Ore.) - The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (OCTA 2012) has been gaining momentum as the time grows closer to the deadline for signatures to be submitted to the State, but nothing compares to the recent endorsement by the legendary country music star Willie Nelson.

"I am very honored that Willie has given his full endorsement for OCTA 2012," said Paul Stanford, author of the bill. "While he was prepping for his show at the new Performing Arts Center in Las Vegas, he took the time to cut a 30-second ad for the campaign which will be appearing everywhere possible in the coming days and weeks." (See Video above)

"Willie and I met back in 1990 and he has been a supporter of our efforts here in Oregon for a long time."

Willie Nelson and the late Gatewood Galbraith went on a well known historic road trip in the early 1990s. The group drove Galbraith's biodiesel–fueled red Mercedes Benz across Kentucky, spreading the word about the future of the biodiesel industry. Stanford followed them in a caravan of 20+ cars, CNN and other TV News crews in tow, from Lexington, to Frankfort, the state capitol, and on to a benefit concert Willie did for Gatewood's first gubernatorial bid in Louisville.

Florida: "Legalize Medical Marijuana" billboard targeting seniors


There is a truth that must be heard! MIAMI, FL - A South Florida man is setting out to promote the use of medical marijuana.

Billboards are popping up along Sample Road in Broward County that are targeting senior citizens.

The more ornate billboard says, 'Legalize Medical Marijuana. I'm a patient not a criminal' and another depicts an elderly person in a wheelchair.

Down the road, another billboard reads 'Reschedule Medical Marijuana, one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man." CBS4's Cynthia Demos spoke with folks who drove by the billboard.

"For my family I don't like it," said Roseanne Alves.

"Marijuana is a gateway drug," said Zed Castro.

The billboards are the work of 69-year-old Robert Platshorn.

Platshorm said he spent 30 years in prison for smuggling marijuana, a substance he says can help people and shouldn't be illegal. He doesn't want others sent to prison for what he calls, 'not committing a crime', so he is trying to make it legal.

"The billboard is a way to bring attention to the cause," Platshorn said. In the four years he's been out of prison he started his cause, "The Silver Tour" to promote the legalization of marijuana for seniors.

"They have the time, the inclination and the need," he said.

Irvin Rosenfels, 59, is one of Platshorn's biggest supporters.

Montana: Petitioners gather signatures to decriminalize marijuana

CARLY FLANDRO, Chronicle Staff Writer

There is a truth that must be heard! Randy Warburton is working to decriminalize marijuana for those age 21 and older, and he’s doing it for his grandkids.

Warburton said at least two of them will probably use marijuana, and he’d like them to be able to access it safely.

Warburton is one of six coordinators across the state working to get an initiative on the November ballot that would create a constitutional amendment allowing adults 21 and older to use the substance. Wednesday, he and volunteers stood outside the Community Food Co-op, soliciting signatures from shoppers.

More than 48,000 signatures need to be gathered statewide, and they must represent 10 percent of Montana’s qualified voters — including 10 percent of the voters in each of the 40 legislative house districts. The signatures must be collected by June 22.

Warburton and volunteers only recently started collecting signatures in the area, and in their first week doing so, collected 339. In Warburton's first half hour sitting outside the Co-op, he and a helper collected about 10. And last week at a Pinky and the Floyd concert, 35 signatures were gathered in only 30 minutes.

Kate Koenig signed her name to the petition Wednesday, and she said there are “a million reasons” why marijuana should be legal.

"You can't die from it, it helps people, it stimulates the economy," she said. "Just think how many people in Bozeman don’t have a job that could."

United States: Pat Robertson - Marijuana should be legal

By AP, Staff

There is a truth that must be heard! RICHMOND, Va. - Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson says marijuana should be legalized and treated like alcohol because the government's war on drugs has failed.

The outspoken evangelical Christian and host of "The 700 Club" on the Virginia Beach-based Christian Broadcasting Network he founded said the war on drugs is costing taxpayers billions of dollars. He said people should not be sent to prison for marijuana possession.

The 81-year-old first became a self-proclaimed "hero of the hippie culture" in 2010 when called for ending mandatory prison sentences for marijuana possession convictions.

"I just think it's shocking how many of these young people wind up in prison and they get turned into hardcore criminals because they had a possession of a very small amount of a controlled substance," Robertson said on his show March 1. "The whole thing is crazy. We've said, `Well, we're conservatives, we're tough on crime.' That's baloney."

Robertson's support for legalizing pot appeared in a New York Times story published Thursday. His spokesman confirmed to AP that Robertson supports legalization with regulation. Robertson was not made available for an interview.

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