Alabama: Marijuana Debate Ignited By Activist Arrests


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

The arrest of prominent activist Chris Butts has ignited a debate in Alabama over legalizing medical marijuana.

Butts and three other people -- Sonja Franks, Stephen Franks, and Amber Nixon -- face felony trafficking charges after deputies raided their residence in Cullman County. Sheriff Mike Rainey claimed deputies responded to a child welfare call, then smelled marijuana at the door.

A reader poll conducted on the website (still active at the time this story was written) indicates overwhelming support from readers for legalizing medical marijuana.

Only about 3 percent of respondents to the online poll voted "No, it should stay illegal," with the remaining 97 percent split between "Yes, but regulate and tax it" (50 percent), "Yes, there's no reason the government should have anything to do with this" (41 percent), and "Yes, but only for medical uses by prescription" (6 percent).