U.S.: Senator Ted Cruz Attacks Obama For Not Arresting Marijuana Users In Colorado


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

GOP Senator Ted Cruz of Texas on Friday said he wants President Barack Obama to lock up people in Colorado who are violating federal law by smoking marijuana.

"A whole lot of folks now are talking about legalizing pot," Senator Cruz said during his keynote speech at the policy orientation session of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, reports Eric W. Dolan at The Raw Story. "And you can make arguments on that issue. You can make reasonable arguments on that issue.

"The President earlier this past year announced the Department of Justice is going to stop prosecuting certain drug crimes," Cruz said. "Didn't change the law."

Obama's Justice Department in August announced that it would not target adults for arrest when they use marijuana in compliance with state laws.

Cruz said the Obama Administration should continue arresting people for cannabis until federal law is changed.

"You can go to Congress, you can get a conversation, you could get Democrats and Republicans who would say, 'We ought to change our drug policy in some way,' and you could have a real conversation, and you could have hearings, you could look at the problem, you could discuss common sense changes that maybe should happen or shouldn't happen," Cruz said.

"This President didn't do that. He just said, 'The laws say one thing' -- and mind you, these are criminal laws, these are laws that say if you do X Y and Z you will go to prison," Cruz blustered. "The President announced, 'No, you won't.' "

(Photo of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz: The Everlasting GOP Stoppers)